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Top Tips For Helping You Choose The Right Skip Sizes For Your Needs

  • 23rd February 2022

Confused by skip sizes and not sure which one to hire? With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder people struggle when trying to find a suitable container for their commercial or domestic refuse. Whether you’re having a home clearout or renovating a large building, the type of skip you’ll need will vary.

Let’s look at the different skip sizes available, so you can estimate which one best suits your needs.


If you’ve finished clearing out your garden or undertaking a small household project, a 3-4yard skip may be big enough to hold your unwanted rubbish. Sometimes referred to as mini skips, these containers don’t take up much space. As a rough estimate, the hold 30-40 black bin bags respectively.


The next in this sequence of skip sizes are the 6-8 yard waste containers, which are perfect for large outdoor or indoor projects. The most popular skip sizes with builders, they are often appropriately named “builders’ skips”. They can hold a lot of waste, including unwanted junk, garden trimmings, and debris leftover from interior renovation work. Expect these skips to hold roughly 60-80 respectively.


If you’re looking into larger skip sizes, the 12-16 yard bins have greater capacity and are ideal for commercial projects. 12-16 yard skips tend to be used by customers that produce large volumes of light/ bulky waste and come available optionally enclosed and lockable should you require it.


These range from 20-40 yards and come in two versions: open or closed. Enclosed hookloaders are used for storing confidential or hazardous waste that might cause harm to the public.

Hookloader skip sizes are larger due to the amount of waste they must handle – which is usually commercial in nature. Depending on the option chosen, hookloader skips can accommodate up to 400 black bags of waste.



Gather the waste into one easy-to-assess location. Then estimate whether a mini, maxi or hook loader skip will be needed for the job. How many bin bags would your waste fill?

If the debris forms only a small pile, hiring a small skip will be sufficient. If unsure, don’t guess. Speak to a reputable skip company, such as Stabler, and ask for some advice. They may ask you to email a photo for guidance.


Before looking at skip sizes, ask whether that’s the right solution for your problem. A wait and load service may be required should you not have sufficient space to place the skip

You may also want to consider your budget. If you need to keep costs down, take a look at our guide to finding the cheapest skip hire in Scarborough.


Having completed your checks, it’s time to identify which of the skip sizes available is right for the job and talk to your local supplier.


What if your skip hire company is closed and you need to shift rubbish in a hurry? Fortunately, we offer an emergency service for clients who need help outside normal working hours.


Contact our friendly team for domestic and commercial skip hire you can depend on. You’ll be in safe hands when you choose Stabler Waste Management.

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