Stabler Waste Management is known for its extensive waste management experience. They are often considered the areas leading choice for Skip HireAggregatesScrap Metal, and other Waste Management services.

Stabler Waste Management has a fleet of modern equipment and vehicles that help them provide efficient and affordable services throughout East and North Yorkshire,

Over the years, new technology has become the front and centre for fleets in the waste management industry. Waste Collection vehicles are an important step in helping to achieve the targets required for fleet optimisation and sustainability. Therefore, waste management companies are always on the lookout for new technologies and practices.

With this in mind, Stabler Waste Management has added two new trucks to its growing fleet. The first one is the Mercedes Arocs hook loader. This new generation Arocs truck is fitted with hook lift bodies and has been gaining traction in the UK waste management market for quite some time. The Mercedes Arocs truck is used to collect the large quantities of waste from the commercial companies before being transported to their waste management facilities for recycling.

Stabler Waste Management Fleet Low Loader

The reason to add this particular vehicle to the Stabler Waste Management fleet is the expansion of contacts with several firms, thus seeing an increase in commercial demand.

The second is a Volvo FH Tractor Unit and a waste bulker trailer which has been brought in to strengthen the vehicle fleet at Stabler Waste Management. The Volvo FH Tractor Unit is considered a significant milestone in Stabler’s progress as a leader in the market. The truck is suitable for larger haulage operations and can be used to bulk away the segregated waste streams to the recycling plants for processing.

Stabler Waste Management

This new addition makes the entire waste management service of Stabler’s more fuel-efficient and environment friendly due to being able to carry larger loads and, therefore, making fewer trips to the recycling plants.

Stabler Waste Management has also purchased a low loader trailer to move the plant and machinery between the sites and move away any bulky and awkward loads for the customers. The low loader trailers are designed for economic transports of heavy machinery and plant equipment. These robust trailers have hydraulic suspension, ramps and are suitable for road travel.

These new additions to the fleet continue to establish Stabler Waste Management as one of the areas leading Waste and Aggregate providers as well as laying the foundations for the company to expand into the transport sector in the not too distance future.