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The Guide to Skip Hire in Scarborough: Everything You Need To Know

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Looking to hire a skip? As waste management experts, we’ve created this handy guide to help you out. We’ll be covering everything from skip type, size, and project duration so you’ll know exactly what you need when you’re organising your waste removal.

Ready? Let’s get into it…

What type of skip do I need?

First thing’s first, we need to talk about skip type.

To figure out what kind of skip you’ll need for your project, you need to think about the contents that you’ll be throwing away.

It will be clear that your removal project is best suited to one of the following:

Domestic skip

Are you in the middle of a home improvement project or garage clearance? If you’re disposing of old furniture or clutter from your home, a standard domestic skip is the best option for you.

Why? If you aren’t completing a big industrial project, anything larger is unnecessary. Plus, at Stabler Waste Management, we still have a range of domestic skip sizes you can choose from — so you can choose a large domestic skip if you anticipate needing a larger container.

Commercial skip

If you’re carrying out commercial work, then you might require a larger (or closed) skip. Commercial skips come in a variety of sizes that are suitable for specific purposes — whether that’s carrying a heavy load, disposing of hazardous waste, or safely getting rid of confidential waste.

We offer same-day delivery of all our skips, an optional wait-and-load service, and a zero percent landfill initiative to recycle as much of the contents as possible.

If you’re getting rid of a large amount of construction waste, check out our hook loader options. These might be better suited to your needs than our skips.

What size skip should I order?

Whether you have a tight area where you can keep your skip, a small amount of waste for the removal company to take away, or know you’ll have lots to throw away, skip size is important.

Get it wrong and you’ll need to order another skip — which is just a waste of time!

If you’re getting a domestic skip, choose between:

Three yard skip

These will hold three tonnes of soil or 30-40 black bin bags. Suitable for light or heavy use.

Four yard skip

These will hold four tonnes of soil or 40-50 black bin bags. Suitable for light or heavy use and available with an optional drop door.

Six yard skip

These will hold six tonnes of soil or 60-70 black bin bags. Suitable for light or heavy use and available with an optional drop door.

Eight yard skip

These are often the go-to skips for builders as they hold eight tonnes of soil or 80-100 black bin bags. Also suitable for light or heavy use and available with an optional drop door.

If you’re getting a commercial skip, choose between:

Eight yard skip

Our smallest commercial skip is the same as our largest domestic skip mentioned above.

Twelve yard skip

These hold 120-140 black bin bags and are suitable for commercial waste and some particularly large home clearances. Suitable for light waste.

Fourteen yard skip

These hold 140-160 black bin bags and are perfect for commercial building sites. Suitable for light waste.

Sixteen yard skip

As these hold 160-180 black bin bags, they’re another great option for commercial building sites. They’re also suitable for light waste.

All of our commercial skips sizes are available as either an open or closed skip. If you’re handling confidential or hazardous waste, then we recommend choosing the latter option.

How long do I need a skip for?

Try to work out how long you’re going to need your skip for as this will help us give you a cost-effective quote for our services.

If you’re unsure, don’t worry. We’ll be able to compare your plans to previous projects we’ve worked on and arrive at a good estimate.

Do I need an out-of-hours skip?

Will you need your skip outside of normal business hours? Let us know! We operate an out-of-hours service.

Stabler Waste Management

So, there you have it — our guide to skip hire in Scarborough. At Stabler Waste Management, we have 60 years of experience as a family-run waste management business in East and North Yorkshire. You can count on us for low prices, friendly advice, and fast delivery.

For the cheapest skip hire in Scarborough, Bridlington, Hornsea, Beverley, Driffield, Filey, and Malton, contact us today. We’ll answer any questions and get your ideal skip out to you in no time.

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