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THe best way to dispose of contaminated waste

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With a reputation for excellence throughout North and East Yorkshire, we provide waste management, skip hire, and asbestos waste services to our happy customers.

But if you don’t work in the industry, what’s the best way to dispose of contaminated materials? In this short guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know.
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1. Check whether your waste is hazardous

Before sending your materials away to be properly disposed of or recycled, you’ll be expected to classify it.
Your description should include:
  1. Your type of  business and how the matter was produced
  2. Any other information you think might be relevant
  3. Whether or not the materials are hazardous
  4. The process followed to create the waste
  5. A physical and chemical analysis
  6. The classification code
Stabler offers skip hire in Scarborough and the surrounding Yorkshire areas. This means we’ll be able to safely dispose of – or recycle – your hazardous materials.

2. Store & separate your waste carefully & safely

Under no circumstances should hazardous waste be mixed with non-hazardous or other hazardous substances. To do so is breaking the law and could result in your business being fined.
Make sure the materials in question are stored somewhere secure and in containers that won’t be prone to leaking. It’s also important to clearly label storage containers with the name of the waste held inside.
Finally, covers should be used to stop the harmful matter from being blown away by the wind – and use waterproof coverings if rain could encourage the contents to run-off or prevent future recycling.

3. Only use an authorised waste disposal carrier

If you’re looking for cheap skip hire in Bridlington, make sure your chosen carrier has waste permits for the sites they operate and are fully registered.


4. Keep your consignment note & keep records

You must complete a consignment note. This will remain attached to your waste until it arrives at its destination. Records relating to these hazardous materials must be held at the location the matter was created at for three years.

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