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5 Signs You Need a Local Skip Hire For Your Domestic Waste

  • 23rd February 2022


Are you fed up making endless trips to the tip? You might need to find a local skip hire company, fast.

Not only are piles of waste around the home unsightly, but they can also be dangerous — especially if you have adventurous young children. Hiring a skip is an excellent idea if your latest DIY project has left you with a heap of rubbish. It’s more convenient than disposing of the debris yourself, and a skip means the mess is contained until it’s taken away.



Do you know what can be recycled at your local tip? Or how you should dispose of garden waste or MDF? If you don’t know how to sort and segregate your domestic rubbish, skip hire is the answer.

We sort your waste into recyclable components at our licensed transfer centre in East Yorkshire, including wood, uPVC, glass, and plastic. Our team of expert waste transfer station operatives are on hand and are trained to segregate all waste types into individual recyclable components awaiting transport to dedicated recycling and processing plants.

Suppose you’re disposing of waste at home. In that case, you won’t have the facilities or expertise to segregate and process rubbish as the professionals can. That’s another reason why hiring a skip from a local company makes sense.



Some waste is almost impossible for you to deal with single-handedly. That’s particularly true if you’re uprooting trees and rocks, tearing down walls or ripping up an old driveway.

Skips come in several different sizes suitable for domestic waste, from three to eight cubic yards. We can help you decide on the right size of skip for your project and deliver it to your door. We even provide a wait and load service if you’ve already finished the job and want to get the waste cleared fast.

Here’s an idea of the size of skip you’ll need:

  • Three-yard skip: suitable for light or heavy waste, holds up to 30-40 black bin bags or three tonnes of soil
  • Four-yard skip: suitable for light or heavy waste, holds up to 40-50 black bin bags or four tonnes of soil
  • Six-yard skip: suitable for light or heavy waste, holds up to 60-70 black bin bags or six tonnes of soil
  • Eight-yard skip: suitable for light or heavy waste, holds up to 80-100 black bin bags or eight tonnes of soil

A medium skip is usually the right size for a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but we’ll be happy to help you make the right choice. You’ll need to remember that it’s illegal to overfill a skip, so bare that in mind when you’re making your choice.



Not all waste can be got rid of at the local waste disposal centre. If sorting and segregating your rubbish is something you need a hand with, you need to ask the professionals.

Not everything can go into a skip, so talk to your local skip hire experts about the kind of waste you’re generating. Electricals like TVs and fridges aren’t accepted. You won’t be able to dispose of any hazardous waste, including paint, solvents and asbestos within your skip. Careless disposal of hazardous waste can earn you a hefty fine, Stabler Waste Management offer a specialist service for disposal of hazardous materials, so it makes sense to ask the experts.

You will be able to dispose of bricks, rubble, soil, green waste, cardboard, plastic, metal, old furniture and more. Talk to us about the type of waste you’ll be generating so we can advise you on the best skip for your needs.



If you’re making endless trips to and from the tip, you’ll be putting a real dent in your fuel budget. And with prices rising by the day, it can be an expensive business. Skip hire is surprisingly cost-effective, especially when you opt for the cheapest skip hire in Scarborough and East Yorkshire.

With services including wait and load and optional drop door skips, hiring from Stabler Waste Management is the answer to your domestic waste problems. With our zero waste to landfill policy, you can rest assured that your waste is being professionally and correctly disposed of. And with the most affordable prices in your area, you’re guaranteed a cost-effective solution to your waste disposal needs.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with Stabler Waste Management’s team of experts today for more information.

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